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Verfahren zur Substratfixierung von elektronischen Bauelementen

Process for fixing the substrate of electronic components
: Oppermann, H.H.; Zakel, E.; Kallmayer, C.; Kloeser, A.

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DE 1995-19504351 A: 19950210
DE 1995-19504351 A: 19950210
DE 19504351 C2: 19961205
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Process for the temporary fixing of an electronic component (10) with raised contact metallizations (11) on a substrate (17) provided with teminal areas (16) for a subsequent thermal connection of the contact metallizations with the terminal areas, whereby an adhesive agent is applied to the component and/or to the substrate, whereby an alcoholic liquid medium containing an alcohol (13) is used as the adhesive agent, the surface tension of said alcohol being used to form adhesive forces between the contact metallizations and the terminal areas, and its boiling point being below the re-fusing temperature of the contact metallizations (11).