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Verfahren zur Regelung des Hydratationsverhaltens von Gips bei der Verbundwerkstoff-Herstellung

Process for regulating the hydration character of gypsum in the production of composite materials
: Sattler, H.; Thole, V.; Schmelmer, B.

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DE 1993-4323116 A: 19930710
DE 1993-4323116 A: 19930710
EP 1994-918298 A: 19940623
WO 1994-DE718 W: 19940623
DE 4323116 C2: 19970320
EP 708747 B1: 19981202
DE 4323116 C2: 19970320
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The description refers to a process for the controlled influencing of the relationship between the hydration time (HT) and the opening time (OT) in the production of composite materials. The material mixture from which the panels are produced consists of hydratable calcium sulphate, in particular gypsum binding agent, aggregates, fibres, additives for water and other additives. The ratio (HT:OT) is smaller than 1. This is achieved by adding a delayer-accelerator combination in conjunction with the effect of pressure. The result is a maximum shortening of the hydration time in relation to the open time relating to the manufacturing process.