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Verfahren zur Pruefung der Feuchtedurchlaessigkeit einer duennen Schicht

Moisture permeability measuring system for thin film - determines variation in water content of thin film and carrier material combination resulting from transfer to different humidity atmosphere.
: Schulz, U.

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DE 1995-19519975 A: 19950524
DE 1995-19519975 A: 19950524
DE 19519975 C1: 19961031
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The measuring system has the thin film applied to a humidity-sensitive carrier material, before transporting the latter from one atmosphere into a second atmosphere with a different humidity content. The resulting variation in the water content of the carrier material and thin film combination is detected via near field IR spectroscopy. The thin film is applied to a carrier material with a reversible water absorbency, the obtained combination having a min. transmission level of about 5 % in the wavelength range between 1.4 and 1.9 micrometers. USE - For testing weather-resistant coatings.