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Verfahren zur Programmuebersetzung eines in der Programmiersprache C++ geschriebenen Programms

Program translation for C++ program for software development - using templates for assigning to code by instantiation and translated onto object code using subsequent linking into workable code.
: Kriegel, E.U.

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DE 1996-19617719 A: 19960430
DE 1996-19617719 A: 19960430
DE 19617719 C2: 20000105
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A C++ language program consists of source data files, whose source data files are to be translated in separate passages. Templates are assigned to code by instantiation, into an object code which is converted by ensuring links into a workable code. The translation of the source data files into object code data files and code generation of instantiation of the templates is carried out into separate translation passages, in which templates are instantiated by using all the source files of the programs. USE - Software development. Considerable reduction in template-include-data files to reduce time required for subsequent linking.