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Verfahren zur Oberflaechenmodifizierung sowie nach diesem Verfahren oberflaechenmodifizierte Substrate

Surface modification process as well as substrates whose surfaces are modified using this process
: Bauser, H.; Doerfel, J.; Müller, M.

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DE 1990-4002513 A: 19900129
DE 1990-4002513 A: 19900129
DE 4002513 C1: 19910207
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a process for modifying the surface of substrates by applying polymers to the surface of substrates. Monofunctional polymers containing one or more hydrophile, linear or branched chains, whereby the hydrophile character within each chain outweighs its hydrophobe character, are affixed. Mixtures of such monofunctional polymers can also be affixed, each time using the functional group of polymers and using reactive groups to the surface of the substrates by means of chemical bonds to the surface of the substrates such that one end of the hydrophile chains is fixed and the mobility of the other end(s) of the hydrophile chains is retained wholly or partially. Substrates, whose surfaces are modified according to the process according to the invention, have a reduced thrombogenity and a lesser tendency to absorb proteins and/or blood components.