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Verfahren zur Oberflaechenaktivierung von Fluorpolymeren

Surface-activation of fluoro polymers to improve adhesive properties etc. - comprises exposing the surface to a flame burning combustible gas and containing alkali metal introduced as salt or alcoholate.
: Weber, A.; Hoeing, T.; Klages, C.-P.

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DE 1996-19601943 A: 19960111
DE 1996-19601943 A: 19960111
DE 19601943 C2: 19981022
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A process for the surface-activation of fluoropolymers (I), in which the surface of (I) is flamed with an alkali metal- containing flame burning a combustible gas. Preferably the alkali metal is introduced into the flame in solid form as a salt, or in liquid form as a solution in water or organic solvent, especially as a 1-30% solution of salt in water or a 1-20% solution of alcoholate in organic solvent. An oxide-forming gas may be added to the flame to increase the surface energy. The polymer (I) and the flame are moved relative to one another at a definite speed, preferably by rotating a 3-dimensional object made of (I) relative to the flame. USE - To activate the surface of (I) prior to metallisation or adhesive bonding etc. ADVANTAGE - A simple, reliable and low-cost process which enables the surface-activation of (I) with a high throughput.