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Verfahren zur Messung der Schichtdicke und des Brechungsindex einer duennen Schicht auf einem Substrat und Vorrichtung zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Process for measuring the thickness and the refractive index of a thin layer on a substrate and device for performing the process
: Bauer, N.; Boebel, F.G.

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DE 1990-4017440 A: 19900530
DE 1990-4017440 A: 19900530
EP 1991-909692 AW: 19910529
WO 1991-DE461 A: 19910529
DE 4017440 C2: 19940210
EP 531354 B1: 19950823
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The description refers to a process for the in-situ measurement of the thickness and refractive index of a thin layer on a substrate by means of the interference effects in the layer. Known interference methods permit a spatial resolution of the measured values in the layer plane. Instead of an external light source, the process according to the invention uses the temperature radiation of the substrate as a source of interfering partial beams. The intensity of the interfering partial beams is measured by means of a CCD camera from the measured signal of which the required parameters are calculated by means of a signal-processing electronic circuit based on the Airy function. The low time constant of the measurement and evaluation permit the use of the process for recording measured values for controlling coating and removal processes.