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Verfahren zur lokalen plastischen Verformung durch einen Laser

Localised laser plastic deformation process - for surface relief production by direct laser writing.
: Lenk, A.

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DE 1996-19646331 A: 19961109
DE 1996-19646331 A: 19961109
DE 19646331 C2: 20000810
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A localised plastic deformation process using a laser involves causing local thermally induced expansion by focussed laser beam energy input into the substrate of a composite material which consists of a substrate (preferably of paper or card), which has a high thermal expansion coefficient and/or contains components having a low evaporation temperature, and an adhering plastically deformable cover layer (preferably an optically transparent foil), which is a laser transparent layer and/or has a high thermal conductivity. USE - For laser inscription, marking or structuring of surfaces or Braille writing production. ADVANTAGE - The process allows production of raised structures (reliefs) by a direct-writing laser method.