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Verfahren zur korrosionsfesten Beschichtung von Metallsubstraten mittels Plasmapolymerisation

Corrosion resistant coating production method on metal substrate e.g. for heat exchangers.
: Baalmann, A.; Stuke, H.; Vissing, K.; Hufenbach, H.; Semrau, W.M.

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DE 1997-19748240 A: 19971031
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NOVELTY - The production method involves mechanically, chemically or electrochemically polishing the substrate, and subjecting it to a plasma at less than 200 deg. C and 10-5 bar, activating the surface in a reducing plasma, and depositing the plasma polymers from a plasma containing a hydrocarbon or organosilicon compound optionally containing oxygen, nitrogen or sulfur. USE - On an aluminum heat exchanger, especially in the form of finned tubes. ADVANTAGE - Provides improved corrosion resistance.