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Verfahren zur Herstellung von quasi-endlos Profilen aus pulverfoermigen Ausgangsmaterialien

Production of endless profiles - by pressing metallic and/or ceramic powder with a binder through an extruder, and sintering.
: Eifert, H.; Weber, M.; Knuewer, M.; Veltl, G.; Hartwig, T.

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DE 1997-19731240 A1: 19970721
DE 1997-19747757 A: 19971029
DE 19747757 C2: 19991209
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Production of quasi-endless profiles comprises pressing metallic and/or ceramic powder with a binder (mixture) at a temperature and pressure, at which the binder mixture has low viscosity, as flowable mixture with a screw extruder through a nozzle and adjusting the binder amount so that the rod produced from the nozzle is inherently stable. The profiled rod is then sintered. USE - As electronic components, filter tubes, high temperature heat exchanger tubes, saw blades for metal processing, welding electrodes and catalyst carriers. ADVANTAGE - The binder can be easily removed from the rod.