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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Membran-Elektroden-Einheiten und eine so hergestellte Membran-Elektroden-Einheit

Production of membrane-electrode units for fuel cells etc. - comprises coating electrodes with insoluble, swellable, conductive gel to provide intimate contact between membrane and electrodes.

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DE 1996-19653484 A: 19961220
DE 1996-19653484 A: 19961220
DE 19653484 A1: 19980625
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A process for the production of membrane-electrode units for electrochemical cells with a solid electrolyte membrane between two electrodes, in which ion- or proton-conducting gel particles (22) which are insoluble but swellable with a swelling agent are deposited to form the connection between membrane (21) and electrodes (23). Adaptation to the surface contours of (21) and (23) is achieved by adjusting the viscoelastic properties of the gel, its flow properties and the mobility of the gel particles against each other. Also claimed is a membrane-electrode unit obtained by this process, with electrodes (23) on both sides of a solid electrolyte membrane (21) and a swellable, insoluble, conductive gel (22) between (21) and (23). USE - In fuel cells or electrolyser outfits (claimed). ADVANTAGE - Enables the production of membrane-electrode units with better adaptation/connection between membrane and electrodes and without causing damage by high pressure and temperature. This ensures very good electrical contact and maximum voltage yield.