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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Materialien mit einem strukturierten Ueberzug.

Process for manufacturing materials with a structured coating
: Schmidt, H.; Haas, K.; Hoerth, F.J.

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DE 1988-3835968 A: 19881021
DE 1988-3835968 A: 19881021
EP 1989-119513 A: 19891020
DE 3835968 A1: 19900621
EP 365027 B1: 19940907
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A description is given of a process for manufacturing materials with a structured coating which can be converted into glass or ceramics, whereby (a) a paint is applied to a substrate obtained from hydrolytic polycondensation of compounds of elements based on glass or ceramics; these compounds (based on monomer compounds) included 25 to 100 molar per cent of at least one silicon compound with a general formula of (I) R'Sir <-3 where R' stands for a hydrolysis- resistance group which can be polymerized thermally and/or by radiation and the R groups, which can be identical or different, which stand for OH groups and/or hydrolysis-sensitive groups, or corresponding quantities of a precondensed compound with a general formula of (I); (B) parts of the applied paint are hardened thermally and/or by radiation, after previous drying if necessary, by exposing only predefined regions of the paint to thermal and/or radiation energy; and (C) the non-hardened regions of paint are removed in a suitab le manner. A description is also given of a paint for use in the above process.