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Verfahren zur Herstellung von keramischen oder pulvermetallurgischen Bauteilen

Ceramic or powder metallurgical component production - by casting thermoplastic slip in evacuated mould to obtain prototype of complicated shape.
: Lenk, R.

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A process for producing ceramic or powder metallurgical components involves: (a) forming a thermoplastic slip of 0.05-4.0 Pa. sec. viscosity from ceramic or powder metallurgical materials and one or more thermoplastic binders; (b) introducing the slip at 40-180 deg. C into a mould which is evacuated to 5 Pa to 0.09 MPa before, during and/or after slip introduction; and (c) heat treating the resulting consolidated green body. ADVANTAGE - The process allows efficient individual or small series production of complicated shaped components as prototypes, using very simple and inexpensive reusable moulds and without the need for expensive shaping or machining operations.