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Verfahren zur Herstellung von keramischen Bauteilen

Producing ceramic component using interface active substance-modified sintering additive and low viscosity thermoplastic binder.
: Lenk, R.; Alm, B.; Adler, J.; Nebelung, M.

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DE 1997-19733698 A: 19970804
DE 1997-19733698 A: 19970804
DE 19733698 C1: 19990617
Patent, Electronic Publication
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NOVELTY - Ceramic components are produced using a suspension of a sintering additive in an organic interface active substance solution which is mixed, before or after solvent removal, with a ceramic powder and a low viscosity thermoplastic binder. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Ceramic components are produced by (a) forming a stable suspension of a ceramic sintering additive powder and a at most 12C hydrocarbon solvent (mixture) containing an interface active substance; (b) mixing, before or after solvent removal, with a further ceramic powder in a ratio of suspension solids to further ceramic powder of not more than 1:5 and with a low viscosity thermoplastic binder; and (c) moulding and sintering. USE - For producing ceramic components used e.g. in machine or engine construction, in the textile industry or in chemical process engineering. ADVANTAGE - The process allows production of ceramic components using thermoplastic binders are pressures of less than 10 MPa, only requires low cost explos ion and work safety measures and ensures achievement of the requisite material properties after liquid phase sintering.