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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Holzwerkstoffen

Process for the manufacture of wood materials
: Roffael, E.; Miertzsch, H.

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DE 1990-4022348 A: 19900713
DE 1990-4022348 A: 19900713
DE 4022348 C2: 19920723
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description relates to a process for the manufacture of wood materials consisting of wood fragmentization products and alkaline phenolformaldehyde resins used as binding agent, whereby antrachinon or antrachinon monosulphate is added to the wood fragmentization products in quantities of 0.01% to 2% related to the weight of the wood chippings, and the alkaline-curing phenolformaldehyde resin has an alkaline content ranging from 3% to 15% related to a 50% glue solution, and, if necessary, it is modified using rescocin, tannins or sulphide spent liquor.