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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Holzspanplatten und mitteldichten Holzfaserplatten

Process for the production of particle board and medium-density fibreboard
: Roffael, E.; Dix, B.

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DE 1991-4133445 A: 19911009
DE 1991-4133445 A: 19911009
EP 1992-117336 A: 19921009
DE 4133445 C2: 19950420
EP 536795 B1: 19950111
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A process is described for the manufacture of particle boards and medium-density wood building boards. In the process, wood chips or wood fibre impregnated with a binding agent are made into particle or fibre mats and are then pressed into boards at high temperature. The process is characterized by the fact that, during the forming process, at least one surface of the particle or fibre mat is provided with a layer consisting of wood chips or wood fibres containing a binding agent which is not thermally curable, and the particle or fibre mats formed in this way are then pressed.