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Production of hard metal components - by mixing hard metal powder with liquefied thermoplastic binder, processing into moulding, and sintering.
: Lenk, R.; Richter, C.; Hermel, W.

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DE 1995-19546901 A: 19951215
DE 1995-19546901 A: 19951215
EP 1996-942363 AW: 19961205
WO 1996-EP5452 A: 19961205
DE 19546901 C1: 19970424
EP 869857 B1: 20010307
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Production of hard metal components comprises mixing a hardmetal powder of average grain size of less than 2 mu m with a liquefied thermoplastic binder and processing the stably dispersed suspension into a moulding, from which the binder is removed and the moulding is sintered. The novelty is that the viscosity of the mixture of hard metal powder and liquefied binder is adjusted to 100-2000 mPa.s during the total production and processing. USE - The components are used as processing tools and wear elements. ADVANTAGE - The primary particles in the suspension are stabilised and loss of homogeneity of the mixture is prevented.