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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Glasschichten zum Zwecke des anodischen Bondens

Process for the production of glass layers for the purpose of anodic bonding
: Quenzer, H.J.; Dell, C.

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DE 1995-19501712 A: 19950120
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EP 1996-900850 A: 19960117
WO 1996-DE103 W: 19960117
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EP 830324 B1: 19990421
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The invention relates to a process for anodic bonding and a method for producing glass layers for the purpose of anodic bonding and suitable sol solutions therefor. The process is particularly suitable for anodic bonding with glass layers having a thickness of from greater than 100 nm to 10 m used for connecting two semiconductor layers. In order to produce the desired glass layer, a SiO<-2 sol is dissolved in at least one alkanole or a mixture of n alkanoles (n = 1 to 5). Tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS), methyltriethoxysilane (MTEOS) and water are then added to this organosol. Moreover, a small amount of acid and the desired amount of alkali salt are added and the sol solution is at least partly polymerized. The resulting sol solution is suitable for coating conductive materials using cost-effective processes such as immersion, spin-on deposition or spraying followed by tempering. A single coating results in a glass layer with a thickness of up to 2 m. By repeating the process several times, layer thicknesses of up to 10 m can be obtained.