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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Glaesern mit erhoehter Bruchfestigkeit

Process for the manufacture of glasses with enhanced breaking resistance
: Strehlow, P.; Schmidt, H.

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DE 1987-3719339 A: 19870610
DE 1987-3719339 A: 19870610
EP 1988-109278 A: 19880610
DE 3719339 A1: 19881222
EP 294830 B1: 19920415
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Glasses with increased resistance to fracture are obtained by the following methods: (a) the application on the glass substrate of a coating made of a composition which was obtained by hydrolysis and condensation of compounds of at least one element of the group Si, Al, Ti and Zr dissolved in the reaction medium, if required in combination with compounds of at least one element of the group of alkaline metals, alkaline-earth metals and borium dissolved in the reaction medium, in water or in combination with an organic solvent, if necessary, in the presence of a condensation catalyst and (b) the obtained coating is thermally compressed.