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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Diffusionssperrschichten mit geringer Kohlenwasserstoff-Durchlaessigkeit und damit versehene Behaelter

Process for producing diffusion barrier layers with low hydrocarbon permeability and the associated containers
: Hoerth, F.J.; Greiwe, K.; Schmidt, H.

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DE 1989-3925901 A: 19890804
DE 1989-3925901 A: 19890804
EP 1990-114900 A: 19900802
DE 3925901 C1: 19901129
EP 411648 A: 19910206
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Diffusion barrier layers with low hydrocarbon permeability are produced by means of partial hydrolytic condensation of hydrolyzable hydrosilicons and, if necessary, other oxide compounds, and either applying and curing them as such or applying and curing them after additional condensation on a substrate. Containers for liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons have a diffusion barrier layer produced using this process especially on the inside.