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Verfahren zur Herstellung von biologisch abbaubaren Werkstoffen

Biodegradable material used in packaging and in automotive industry - prepared by reaction of (un)treated starch with vegetable fats, oils and/or their processed products.
: Bader, H.; Rafler, G.; Lang, J.; Lindhauer, M.; Funke, U.; Warwel, S.; Ruesch gen. Klaas, M.

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DE 1997-19705376 A: 19970212
DE 1997-19705376 A: 19970212
EP 1997-121600 A: 19971208
DE 19705376 C1: 19980820
EP 859012 A3: 19990120
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Biodegradable materials are prepared by reaction of untreated and/or treated starch with vegetable fats, oils and/or their processed products to medium to high degrees of substitution to derivatise and to render the starch hydrophobic. USE - The biodegradable starch based materials are useful for the production of packaging, composite materials for the automotive industry and as an adhesive for paper-aluminium composites. ADVANTAGE - The derivatised starch products are biodegradable and have low solubility in water and may be used at upto 60% in polymers and polymer mixtures. The processing of the starch is cost effective.