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Functional gradient composite material component production - to obtain continuous or layered concentration gradient of functional component in intermetallic phase matrix.

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DE 1997-19733098 A: 19970731
DE 1998-19834216 A: 19980729
DE 19834216 A1: 19990204
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A component is produced by thermal consolidation of a composite material which has an intermetallic phase matrix incorporating one or more functional component concentration gradients varying continuously or in layers over its cross-section. Preferably, the matrix and the functional component(s) are powders, which may be produced by high energy grinding and then consolidated by a powder metallurgical method such as pressure-less sintering. The matrix preferably consists of aluminides or silicides, especially silicides of Mo, Ti, W, Zr, Fe, Nb, Ni and/or Ru, and the functional components are high temperature resistant or electrically conductive components which may be formed in-situ during the thermal treatment. USE - The component is used as a heat shield or an electric heater (claimed) as well as other parts which are useful in energy production and conversion, waste incineration plants and furnace construction and which are exposed to high temperatures, temperature differences and di rect contact with corrosive media such as hot gases and melts. ADVANTAGE - The component has properties adapted to different local requirements such as different temperatures, strengths, temperature fluctuations and ambient conditions and is relatively simple and inexpensive to produce even as a complicated component of near-net shape.