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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Bauteilen auf Basis der intermetallischen Phase TiAl durch druckloses Sintern vorverdichteter elementarer Pulvermischungen

Titanium -aluminium intermetallic compound material production - by pressureless reaction sintering of pressed material in mould, used for engine components.
: Morgenthal, I.; Kieback, B.; Juengling, T.

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DE 1996-19621135 A: 19960524
DE 1996-19621135 A: 19960524
DE 19621135 A1: 19971127
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TiAl intermetallic compound-based materials and components are made from a mixture of powders of titanium, aluminium and alloying additions or aluminium alloys by cold isostatic pressing and forming to the desired semi-finished product or component geometry. The component is heated to above the melting point of aluminium or the aluminium alloy in a confining mould and, after removal from the mould, is finally sintered to complete phase formation while avoiding expansion of the consolidated material. USE - As a lightweight structural material in aerospace and automobile applications, e.g. vehicle engine valves and turbine engines. ADVANTAGE - The method allows production of the component in its finished form by pressureless reaction sintering without the need for expensive conventional encapsulation and hot isostatic pressing. The mould sintering operation is carried out at a temperature which avoids reaction between the material and the mould, thus permitting reuse of the mould. The pr oduct has a fine grain structure without the need for high temperature forming and has the desired geometry achieved using conventional semi-finished product forming processes.