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Verfahren zur Herstellung mikromechanischer Bauelemente mit freistehenden Mikrostrukturen oder Membranen

Process for the poduction of polycrystalline silicon layers with adjustable layer strain
: Kirsten, M.; Lange, P.; Wenk, B.; Riethmueller, W.

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DE 1994-4441541 A: 19941122
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EP 1995-936968 AW: 19951121
WO 1995-DE1650 A: 19951121
EP 793736 B1: 19990922
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The invention relates to a process for the production of polycrystalline silicon layers, in particular with layer thicknesses of several m. The process is characterized by the fact that the type of tension of the polysilicon layer to be produced is chosen by selecting the process pressure for deposition and the amount of layer tension by selecting the process temperature. The process pressure lies within the pressure range used for LPCVD reactors. Thus, polysilicon layers with defined tensile stress in particular can be reproduced. The process is used especially in surface micromechanics in the product of stand-alone, movable microstructures.