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Verfahren zur Herstellung kontaktloser Chipkarten und kontaktlose Chipkarte

Non-contact smart card used in private and public life - carries antenna tracks adhesively held and formed into precisely aligned contact bumps in single stage hot stamping, to which microcircuit chips are flip-connected for hermetic encapsulation.
: Aschenbrenner, R.; Ansorge, F.; Zakel, E.; Kasulke, P.

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DE 1996-19624119 A1: 19960617
DE 1996-19639902 A: 19960927
DE 19639902 C2: 20010301
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The production of a novel, non-contact smart card (1) is claimed. The electrically-insulating, flat card is made with at least one recess(es) on one side. Conductive track(s) are applied in a given pattern, on the surface of the recessed side. The track(s) are applied on surfaces both within and outside the recess(es). Microcircuit chip(s) (4) are aligned in the recess(es) and brought into contact with the track(s). Also claimed is a contact-less smart card, essentially as described. USE - Used to make a contact-less smart card with potentially extremely wide application in private and public life. ADVANTAGE - The process manufactures non-contact smart cards, producing the coils especially, at low cost. Resistance to mechanical stress and reliability are good. Single stage processes are employed where possible. Hot Stamp coil application is particularly economic and adhesive on the coil underside completes attachment. High production rates are achieved. The coil transfers data and/or e nergy, acting as an antenna. Of various applicable mounting technologies, the flip-chip method is particularly compact. Contact bumps are conveniently and accurately formed and registered during the earlier hot-stamping stage. Hermetic sealing using glob top technology, increases the reliable life of the card.