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Process for the production of a composite material based on tungsten
: Grewe, H.; Scholz, B.; Schlump, W.; Petzoldt, F.; Fleischmann, C.

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DE 1985-3539511 A1: 19851107
DE 1986-3637930 A: 19861107
DE 3637930 C1: 19920409
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The description refers to a process for the production of a composite material which consists of 88 to 98% of tungsten by weight and a binder phase composed of nickel, iron cobalt, copper, titanium, aluminium, tungsten and/or molybdenum. The process according to the invention is characterized by the combination of the following process steps: - A powdery mixture is produced from the powdery starting materials, a high degree of disorder is introduced both on the surface of each of the powder particles and in the core of the particles of the powder agglomerates, and - an at least two-phase structure is obtained by compacting the powder particles activated in this way. Thus, it is possible to manufacture heavy metal composite materials based on tungsten by solid phase sintering at a density of greater than 99% TD. The structure is characterized by a high fine granularity and a very fine distribution of the preceding phases (at least two). Such structures result in good mechanical properti es, in particular a property profile with optimum strength and toughness can be obtained.