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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Koerpers aus einem Silicium enthaltenden, nichtoxidischen Werkstoff und nach dem Verfahren hergestellter Koerper

Silicon-containing non-oxide ceramic body production - involves applying and firing silicate glaze-forming components.
: Herrmann, M.; Schubert, C.; Klemm, H.; Tangermann, K.

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DE 1997-19712918 A: 19970327
DE 1997-19712918 A: 19970327
DE 19712918 C1: 19980903
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Production of a silicon-containing non-oxide ceramic body, having surface silicate glaze-forming components of thermal expansion coefficient matching that of the ceramic base material, involves forming the glaze at 600-1770 deg. C and taking into account the quantity of reactive silicon dioxide formed in the glaze. Also claimed is a silicon-containing non-oxide ceramic body produced by the above process and having a silicate-based glaze on its surface. Preferably, the body is a sintered silicon nitride or carbide body which is glazed by applying an alkali or alkaline earth metal compound or a rare earth metal compound and chemically reacting the compound with the silicon nitride or carbide in an oxidising atmosphere at 600-1400 deg. C (for an alkali or alkaline earth metal compound) or at 1100-1500 deg. C (for a rare earth metal compound). USE - For producing glazed heavy duty non-oxide ceramic bodies, including entire pots and chemical equipment fittings. ADVANTAGE - The process forms a corrosion protective, surface levelling and optionally coloured coating thus reducing the costs of post-machining for surface smoothing and polishing.