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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines keramischen oder pulvermetallurgischen Bauteils

Process for the production of ceramic or powder-metal component
: Lenk, R.

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DE 1994-4406017 A: 19940224
DE 1994-4406017 A: 19940224
DE 4406017 C2: 19960530
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention refers to the fields of ceramics and powder metallurgy and relates to a process which could be applied as an adjustment device in firing systems. The invention is based on the technical problem of producing by shaping a flexible component consisting of several individual components finished in geometry and configuration and avoiding further process steps. In the process, a single component is shaped by homogenizing a sinterable ceramic or metallurgical powder using a thermoplastic binding agent above the softening point and below the decomposition or evaporation temperature of said binding agent and then inserting it into a tool. Then the tool is cooled to a temperature below the softening temperature of the thermoplastic binding agent and the tool is then removed. Said individual element was shaped in an already existing individual component or a further individual component is shaped in the individual component produced according to the invention. After completion of th e entire component, the component is sintered after the thermoplastic binding agent has completely cured.