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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Gewindeeinsatzes in einem Bauteil, vorzugsweise fuer hochbelastete Schraubenverbindungen

Producing a thread insert in a component, for high-duty threaded joints - with use of casting process and threaded core.
: Sinhoff, V.; Hoffmann, J.

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DE 1997-19704790 A1: 19970208
DE 1997-19724880 A: 19970612
DE 19724880 A1: 19980813
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The method concerns production of a thread insert (5) with an internal (7) in a component (1) provided with an internal thread (2) or a similar feature. The method is characterised by the following facts: a) a core (3) is inserted into the internal thread (2) of the component (1); b) a space (4) corresponding to the thread insert (5) is formed between the core (3) and the tread (2); c) the space (4) is filled by a casting process. USE - In joints subjected to severe mechanical and thermal loading, temperature fluctuations, vibrations, impacts etc. ADVANTAGE - Thread inserts are produced in a more cost-effective manner.