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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines fotoelektronischen Mikrochips, der eine lichtundurchlaessige Schicht aufweist

Microchip manufacturing method for photoelectronic microchip with opaque film - applying ink, indian ink, lacquer or coloured adhesive using modified ink-jet method whereby droplets are sprayed on contactlessly in drop-on-demand mode.
: Guyenot, V.; Risse, S.; Lude, C.

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DE 1996-19654828 A: 19961223
DE 1996-19654828 A: 19961223
DE 19654828 C1: 19980115
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The method involves using an ink, an indian ink, a lacquer or a coloured or blackened adhesive as the opaque film (5). This is applied using a modified ink-jet method whereby droplets are sprayed on contactlessly. The covering film can be applied in drop-on-demand mode. The movement of the ink-jet spray head (6) relative to the microchip is controlled using data directly derived from the layout of the microchip. USE - E.g. for chips with photoelectric functions and other regions with structures sensitive to light. ADVANTAGE - Enables opaque film to be applied at low cost and with little labour.