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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines flexiblen und abriebbestaendigen Ueberzugs und Lack zur Verwendung in diesem Verfahren

Process for the manufacture of a flexible and wear-resistant coating and paint for use in said process
: Arpac, E.; Glaubitt, W.; Nass, R.

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DE 1990-4020316 A: 19900626
DE 1990-4020316 A: 19900626
DE 4020316 A1: 19920109
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description relates to a paint based on hydrolyzable silanes, said paint producing after drying highly wear-resistant and flexible coatings and obtainable by reacting one or more hydrolyzable silicon compounds, having an epoxy ring, with water in a specific quantity range. Drying takes place preferably thermally by adding a tertiary amine, in particular an N-alkylimidazole acting as the polymerization initiator for the epoxy groups. Particularly successful results are obtained by using a cyclical carbon acid anhydride in addition to the tertiary amine.