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Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Durchkontaktierung sowie Chiptraeger und Chiptraegeranordnung mit einer Durchkontaktierung

Deformable substrate through-contact production method for chip carrier - simultaneously pressing metallisation layers by displacement of substrate under process involving pressure and temperature using form tool and application of e.g. electric current.
: Azdasht, G.; Kloeser, J.; Kasulke, P.

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DE 1995-19522338 A: 19950620
DE 1995-19522338 A: 19950620
DE 19522338 A1: 19970102
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The method involves providing a deformable substrate (11) and using a form tool (15). The substrate has a polyimide film (12) sandwiched between two metallised layers (13,14), e.g. of copper. During production, the metallisation layers are simultaneously pressed by displacement of the substrate. The substrate is displaced in a process involving pressure and temperature using the form tool and e.g. application of e.g. current, laser radiation, or ultrasound, the through contact is formed. USE/ADVANTAGE - For multi-layer technology, multi-grid array, and ball-grid array. Permits cheap formation of through-contact with substrate. Provides chip carrier arrangement using substrate preparation with reduced expenditure.