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Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Aufnahme zum Verschleissschutz von Ultraschallwandlern.

Process for the production of a fixture for the wear protection of ultrasound transducers
: Huebschen, G.; Hickethier, M.

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DE 1992-4204643 A: 19920215
DE 1992-4204643 A: 19920215
EP 1993-100452 A: 19930114
DE 4204643 C1: 19930519
EP 556557 A: 19930825
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A fixture for preventing wear on electromagnetic ultrasonic transducers and eddy-current probes is provided with a protective body (1) comprising recesses (2) to receive the ultrasonic transducer or the eddy-current probes. This protective body (1) consists of rhinoceros hide. Thus, a high-quality, abrasion-resistant, elastic fixture is formed, permitting a residual layer of 0.2 mm. A process for the production of such a fixture includes the step for modifying the underside (11) of the protective body (2) on the surface of the subsequent measured object. Furthermore, the protective body (1) contains a matrix of recesses (2) which run in their depth through to the underside of the protective body (1). A large number of magnetic probe elements (15) which are provided with RF coils on their underside, are inserted in the recesses (2) on a cast underlayer applied for this purpose. The underside of the protective body (1) can be placed on a ferrite body (14) having a surface corresponding t o the surface of the subsequent measured object. Finally, after an arrangement time, the magnetic probe elements (15) can be grouted in the recesses (2) using an adhesive. This results in an optimum alignment and modification of the transducer elements to the reference phase, resulting in a high signal-to-noise ratio which can be maintained for a long period of time due to the abrasion-resistant protective body (1).