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Verfahren zur gleichzeitigen Uebertragung von Signalen aus N-Signalquellen

Process for the simultaneous transmission of signals from N signal sources
: Seitzer, D.; Sporer, T.; Gerhäuser, H.; Brandenburg, K.

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DE 1991-4135977 A: 19911031
DE 1991-4135977 A: 19911031
EP 1992-921746 AW: 19921028
WO 1992-DE905 A: 19921028
DE 4135977 C2: 19960718
EP 610282 B1: 19980812
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The description relates to a process for the simultaneous transmission of signals from N signal sources via a corresponding number of transmission channels, by which the individual signals are divided into frames and the frames are converted into spectral coefficients by transformation or filtering, said spectral coefficients being subjected to a data reduction process. The invention is characterized by the fact that the frames belonging to the individual signals are divided into sections, the current sections of all signals are processes together, the permitted fault for each section is determined by using a perception-specific model, the allocation to the maximum available transmission capacity is calculated for each individual signal from the total transmission capacity available and the currently required total transmission capacity, and each individual signal is encoded and transmitted at the capacity determined in this way.