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Verfahren zur gesteuerten Darstellung von Oberflaechen

Presentation method for curved cavity surface as flat surface - recording several single pictures at curved surface of cavity at different axial positions and storing pictures temporarily in image storage where sub-areas of pictures are extracted and joined together after transformation.
: Schramm, U.; Schreck, O.; Spinnler, K.; Bauer, N.

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DE 1997-19705765 A1: 19970214
DE 1998-19806261 A: 19980216
DE 19806261 B4: 20060511
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The method involves recording several single pictures circumferentially orientated at the curved surface of a cavity (H) at different axial positions. An axially inserted recording apparatus (S,E) is used for the pictures which are temporarily stored in an image storage. Several sub-areas are extracted from the recorded single pictures in the storage and are joined together after transformation (Tr1,Tr2). A predetermined viewing direction is calculated as a flat presentation of at least one section of the surface outside the cavity and displayed. USE - For visual inspection of e.g. drillings, pipes. ADVANTAGE - Enables fast and visual inspection of curved surface and allows entire surface or section of surface to be presented optically.