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Verfahren zur feldmaessigen Bestimmung von Deformationszustaenden in mikroskopisch dimensionierten Prueflingsbereichen

Field-determining method for deformation conditions in microscopic-size specimen regions - producing two digitised images of specimen regions in two conditions with specimen in second condition different from first condition by specimen deformation.

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DE 1996-19614896 A: 19960416
DE 1996-19614896 A: 19960416
DE 19614896 A1: 19971023
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The method uses digitised images as two dimensional image matrices with discrete pixel values, which are allocated a grey scale. The method includes the prodn. of one image (B1) of the specimen region (A) in a first condition, also a second digitised image (B2) of the specimen region (A) in a second condition, which differs from the first condition by deformation of the specimen. The displacement vector (V) of the local deformation is determined by comparing the first with the second image, so that an image as a reference image (B1) of a respective reference matrix (Si) is removed. The grey value content (g) within a search region (SB) allocated to each of the reference matrices (Si) is compared with the grey value content (g) of the comparison matrices (Sj) of the comparison image (B2). The displacement vector (V) related to each reference matrix (Si) is determined by the condition with the highest correlation coefficient (K). USE/ADVANTAGE - In microelectronic and microsystem technol ogy, assembly and connection engineering. Provides non-destructive determination of deformation fields. Gives high local resolution. Offers facility for digital image processing.