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Verfahren zur Erfassung einer Oberflaechenverformung mittels Interferometrie

Process for detecting a surface deformation by means of interferometry
: Ostendarp, H.

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DE 1993-4338321 A: 19931110
DE 1993-4338321 A: 19931110
DE 4338321 C1: 19950112
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Process for detecting a surface deformation by means of interferometry, whereby a phase relationship changing over time between two mutually coherent wave fields is detected, whereby at least one of the wave fields, reflected by an object surface (1) projects the object surface (1) onto an image plane via an optical system (4) and interferes in the image plane together with the second wave field acting as a reference wave field. The resultant interference pattern is detected by an opto-electronic sensor (5), whereby values for the radiation intensity I are determined for each pixel of the sensor (5). The absolute amount of the shift relative to the reference wave field is calculated for the area of the object surface (1) projected in the pixel from the intensity fluctuations in each of the individual pixels of the sensor (5). The result can be displayed on a screen (6) during surface deformation.