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Verfahren zur Durchfuehrung von stabilen Niederdruck- Glimmprozessen

Process for performing stable low-pressure glow processes
: Kirchhoff, V.; Reschke, J.; Scheffel, B.; Goedicke, K.

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DE 1992-4242633 A: 19921217
EP 1994-901767 AW: 19931215
WO 1993-DE1206 W: 19931215
EP 674805 B1: 19970326
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Known processes and devices monitor the arc discharge by checking the electrical parameters. In the event of deviations, the power supply is switched off. The objective of the invention is to prevent the arc from being produced at all, and ensuring that the glow process remains stable over a long period of time. According to the invention, the glow process is interrupted by a regenerating phase. The instant for its start and end is determined by the in-situ measurement of a value which is compared with the reference value of the plasma state determined experimentally. The invention has its application in surface treatment using plasma, depositing of coatings from the plasma and plasma-supported surface cleaning.