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Verfahren zur Beschichtung von Verstaerkungskomponenten fuer Verbundkeramiken

Coating reinforcing material for ceramic composites.
: Loskot, S.; Sporn, D.; Glaubitt, W.

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DE 1997-19743723 A: 19971002
DE 1997-19743723 A: 19971002
DE 19743723 A1: 19990415
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NOVELTY - A process for coating reinforcing components for ceramic composites comprises treating fibers, woven fabric or mats with a sol by means of a liquid coating method and then compacting the coating by thermal treatment. USE - Especially in the production of non-oxide ceramic composites. ADVANTAGE - A simple, relatively low-cost process enabling the production of dense and uniform protective coatings on reinforcing materials for ceramic composites. These coatings show strong adhesion to the substrate, provide good protection from oxidation when applied in a single layer (e.g. 100-1000 nm) and are resistant to temperatures above 1300 deg. C and even up to 1800 deg. C.