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Verfahren zum Steuern eines Gleichstromantriebs

Control of DC door drive e.g. for garages and also for sliding roofs - has angular speed and armature current measured to determine load torque, which is then compared with given value.
: Grinewitschus, V.; Raffel, D.

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To control a DC drive, the following steps are used. First, two parameters are measured. Then the load or resistance torque is determined from these parameters. The latter is compared with a given value and an abnormal situation is established if the actual torque exceeds the given torque. The parameters are the angular velocity and the armature current. Other factors used are the moment of inertia of the load and the motor constant. The moment of inertia of the load is found by a learning process and is stored. If an abnormal situation is established, the drive is switched off or reversed. ADVANTAGE - Reliable detection of disturbances with low limiting values.