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Verfahren zum selektiven Abtragen einer oder mehrerer Schichten

Method for selective removal of one or more layers - with a the laser wavelength chosen dependent on the absorption characteristics of the material to be removed or preserved.
: Wiedemann, G.; Panzner, M.; Hauptmann, J.

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DE 1997-19715702 A: 19970415
DE 1997-19715702 A: 19970415
DE 19715702 A1: 19981022
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The method concerns selective removal of one or several layers (3) from a substrate (1) or a layer which is to be left intact, using a laser (5), with self-regulating process limitation. Removal takes place during short interaction periods by means of a laser light with a wavelength such that its radiation is absorbed, by a layer (or layers) to be removed or to be preserved, to such an extent that its remaining energy no longer exceeds a threshold above which further material removal is possible. ADVANTAGE - Removal of layers without damaging the underlying surface is possible. Removal rates are increased, with improved removal selectivity.