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Verfahren zum Messen der Konzentration eines Gases in einem Gasgemisch und Schaltungsanordnung zum Durchfuehren des Verfahrens

Process for measuring the concentration of a gas in a gaseous mixture and circuit configuration for carrying out the process
: Schoeneberg, U.; Hosticka, B.; Maclay, J.; Zimmer, G.

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DE 1989-3915563 A: 19890512
DE 1989-3915563 A: 19890512
DE 3915563 C1: 19901025
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The measuring accuracy and the signal-to-fault voltage ratio of a circuit configuration and a process for measuring a variable that influences the capacitance curve as a factor of voltage of a capacitive element is improved by calculating the variable from the area below the capacitince curve as a factor of voltage.