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Verfahren zum Identifizieren einer menschlichen Stimme

Speech recognition system as means of controlling access - has spoken command recorded and digitised for comparison with stored values held in memory.
: Wagner, T.; Bauer, N.

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DE 1995-19522940 A: 19950623
DE 1995-19522940 A: 19950623
DE 19522940 A1: 19970102
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The voice controlled access system has a memory [2], a processor [1], a recorder [4], a loudspeaker [8], several batteries [3,6], two input keys [T1,T2] and a main switch [5] controlling the activation of the vehicle electronic system [7]. A spoken command is recorded, and the analogue signal is converted into a digital format for entering into the memory. The processor compares the command with the digitised reference speech patterns. USE/ADVANTAGE - Voice controlled access system. Used on road vehicles. Protects against unauthorised use.