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Verfahren zum Erstellen eines Mosaikbildes

Mosaic image generation procedure for e.g. building, design and handicraft industries - using personal computer to process data from two-dimensional or three-dimensional pattern and to provide control data for robot used to construct mosaic image.
: Cottone, N.; Volz, H.; Loeffler, S.

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DE 1995-19514132 A: 19950414
DE 1995-19514132 A: 19950414
DE 19514132 A1: 19961017
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The image generation procedure produces a mosaic image (15) from a two- or three-dimensional pattern (6) using an image processing system (1). Data giving information about the image is processed in an electronic data processing system (2), which may be a personal computer, with a screen showing the pattern for the mosaic. The personal computer provides output information which is used to control one robot-type manual manipulator. The manual manipulator takes mosaic segments from a store (13) and places them on an associated support (14) in such a way that the colour of each segment is within the tolerance for that particular area of the image. ADVANTAGE - Enables variety of mosaic images to be produced, using segments made of different materials, sizes and shapes and positioned at differing distances.