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Verfahren zum Erfassen der dreidimensionalen Form von Objekten

Three-dimensional object form recording method for e.g. industrial inspection tasks such as object identification - projecting pattern on surface of object, recording optical data, and calculating information about 3-D figure of object.
: Wagner, T.; Bauer, N.; Frischholz, R.W.

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DE 1995-19516656 A: 19950505
DE 1995-19516656 A: 19950505
DE 19516656 A1: 19961114
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The method involves illuminating an object using at least a light source, and a light-transmissive plain object, furnished with pattern, arranged in front of at least one light source, so that patterns are projected on the surface of the object. Optical data of the illuminated object are recorded with the use of at least two recorders, and information about the three dimensional figure of the object is calculated. USE/ADVANTAGE - Also for e.g. fill level detection and position determination. Provides measurement even for non-structured surfaces.