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Analytical observations and depth profile simulation in regular-d and graded-d metal/carbon multilayers prepared by laser pulse vapour deposition.

Analytische Untersuchungen und Tiefenprofilsimulation an mittels Laserimpuls-Gasphasenabscheidung hergestellten Metall/Kohlenstoff Multischichten regulärer und veränderlicher Schichtdickenfolge

Optical Society of America -OSA-, Washington/D.C.:
Topical Meeting Physics of X-ray Multilayer Structures. Technical Digest. Vol.7
Washington/D.C., 1992
pp.23-26 : Abb.
Physics of X-ray Multilayer Structures <1, 1992, Jackson Hole/Wyo.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
AES depth profiling; AES-Tiefenprofilanalyse; depth profile simulation; dünne Schicht; laser ablation; Ni/C multilayer structure; Ni/C-Multischicht; Röntgenbeugung; Röntgenspiegel; SNMS depth profiling; SNMS-Tiefenprofilanalyse; TEM-cross-section; thin films; Tiefenprofilsimulation; x-ray diffraction; X-ray mirror

Multilayer structures are characterized by TEM, XD, AES and SNMS. Results obtained for X-ray optical behaviour, layer stack morphology and microstructure of individual layers will be described and their explanation is supported by computer simulation data.