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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Steuerung des Produktionsablaufs bei der kontinuierlichen Herstellung von gipsgebundenen Werkstuecken

Process and device for the control of production process in the continuous production of gypsum-bound workpieces
: Thole, V.; Hilbert, T.

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DE 1989-3939280 A: 19891128
EP 1990-119654 A: 19901013
EP 429820 A: 19910605
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The invention relates to a process for controlling the production process during continuous manufacture of gypsum-bound materials. In the manufacturing operation, the fresh substance is compacted using a belt press or similar device, consisting of a large number of press segments arranged successively, up to the end of hydration which is characterized by the fact that the swelling pressure occurring during hydration is measured and used to control the production process. The invention also refers to a related device in which each individual press segment is equipped with a distance measuring unit and a variance comparator.