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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Montage von elektronischen Bauelementen auf einer Leiterplatte

Process and device for assembling electronic components on a printed circuit board
: Schweigert, U.

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DE 1989-3914462 A: 19890502
DE 1989-3914462 A: 19890502
DE 3914462 C2: 20000525
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A description is given of a process and a device for assembling electronic components, which are fed individually, on a printed circuit board using a gripper which grips the components by the body and/or leads and inserts the leads of the component into assigned holes on the printed circuit board by means of a traversing movement relative to the printed circuit board. A characteristic feature of the said invention is that a quick-setting adhesive is applied to the base of the component to fix the component in position until soldering is carried out.