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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von Treibladungsgranulat

Process and device for the production of propellant granulate
: Mueller, D.; Bauer, H.

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DE 1988-3805317 A: 19880220
DE 1988-3805317 A: 19880220
EP 1989-102844 A: 19890218
DE 3805317 C2: 19910523
EP 330102 B1: 19921216
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Several small-diameter propellant strands are continuously extruded for the production of propellant granular material, deposited separately on a plate downstream of the extruder and conveyed on said plate over a setting section, then, on a downward section and under the effect of its own weight, said strands are fed to a cutting plate having a number of guide holes corresponding to the number of strands and, on emerging from the guide holes, are cut to the desired length by means of a rotating cutting knife located behind the cutting plate.