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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von metallischen Werkstücken

Metal workpieces prodn. - in which powder contg. metal is supplied coaxially relative to laser beam and melted in layers formed by tracks of given width and thickness.
: Celiker, T.; Herfurth, H.-J.; Celi, I.

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DE 1995-19533960 A: 19950913
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The method concerns production of metal workpieces, according to which a powder containing metal is melted in layers by means of a laser beam, and the resulting layers are subsequently machined. The powder is supplied coaxially relative to the laser beam into the melting region, and that the individual layers are melted in tracks with a width of 0.1-1 mm and a thickness of 0.05-0.5 mm. The appts. for implementation of the process is characterised by a powder supply unit with a powder head (5) which is located coaxially relative to the laser focussing head (4), and can be adjusted relative to the latter in the direction of the laser beam. Individual layers are formed by tracks with different geometries. The boundary regions can be formed by tracks with smaller widths and thickness than the corresponding parameters of tracks forming the central regions of the workpiece. Individual tracks and/or layers can consist of different materials. Layers produced are individually machined. Alternat ively, only one of more layers before the last layer are machined. Milling and/or grinding processes are used. The workpiece is cooled during laser and/or machining processes. Non-melted powder is removed by a blowing or suction process from the work space. USE - In manufacture of forming tools, in particular. ADVANTAGE - Workpieces can be produced with higher accuracy.